Friday, June 6, 2008

My Dad retired, I guess I'm getting old

My daddy retired after a long career at General Motors. How do we celebrate such a momentous occasion? Well thats easy, our clan looks for any excuse to have a party!

Here's the man of the hour, accompanied by his "real boss"

Also in attendance, my apparantly narcoleptic Grandmother and myGrandfather
seriously, I took like 3 pictures, eyes shut in all of them. I give up Grandma!

You might recognize these 2 people:

Perhaps we should have a toast to this wonderful occasion, and who better to give it?
it's Eric! My favorite little brother! His speeches are always...well....memorable!
Let's toast!
ok Dad, what you got to match Larry's gigantic beer?
Dad's in heaven with his scotch and soda.

What do we like in this family almost as much as eating?

comedy cd's for the long trip out west

what every retired person needs, a 12 ton air powered hydraulic jack

and the most perfect old man gift of them all....
it's a metal detector! We should have gotten him some tall black socks and sandals too, that would have completed it!

I'm so happy that my Dad got to have all this fun, he worked hard in the icky hot gross plant to give us all a great life. Thanks for all you have done for us Dad!

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