Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Gluten/Dairy Free Finds and Reviews

What's left to eat?

I just ordered 12 lbs of Pamela's Products Amazing Bread Mix because its so good I could weep.

I bought more Glutino Lemon wafer cookies last night, they taste like the normal wafer cookies I ate as a kid.

K-toos - not very good by themselves. They leave a weird aftertaste that I am still trying to figure out. I'll name it the Icky Gluten Free Taste. Not at fan of the IGFT. I still hold out hope for a purpose for these cookies, I miss my Oreo substitutes, Joe-Joe's from Trader Joes!

Glutino Multigrain crackers - Too savory! I'm not a huge fan of lots of herbs and seeds in my crackers, these have a LOT. Very good crunch, I just want them to be bland crackers to eat topped with tuna or peanut butter etc.

Envirokidz Cereals - so far so good! I bought one of each flavor, so far The koala rice krispie imitations are awesome, chocolate flavored even! Today I had Panda puffs, reminds me of Kix!

Lunch every day
I live for my lunches! I have a sammy with homemade bread, olive oil mayo, fresh cracked black pepper (yes we keep a pepper grinder at work) some turkey lunchmeat and sky high grean leaf lettuce. I also have an apple, grapes, carrots with hummus and some sort of snacky cookie like thing

More to come on dinners!

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Gluten free??

I shall now be known as the gluten free scientist. Actually, the dairy free, gluten free scientist.

After MANY trials and tribulations with my health, my neurologist of all people recognized that I may have an intolerance to gluten. So I've been gluten free for a week now, with some occasional "oops, I didn't read that label good enough."

I'm feeling better. Not great yet, but better. I kind of didn't want this to be the answer, like what is left to eat??? But I'm doing good, granted I have spent about $300 in a week on food and supplements, but I like to eat!

So here's the plan according to the doc (who spent over an hour in the room with me and I seriously love, she made me feel normal when everybody else made me feel crazy!)
  1. maintain my dairy free diet
  2. additionally, go gluten free
  3. drink copious amounts of water
  4. take 4 prescription fish oil pills every day (they are good, no fishy burps!)
  5. take B-12 supplement
  6. take Histidine supplement (its an amino acid)

So that is in addition to my heart medicine, and my vitamins and as healthy a diet as is still available to me!

I've done a lot of cooking/baking/eating

Verdicts so far:
Bob's Red Mill GF Flour (all purpose) not for making cookies!!!! It's very "beany" the aftertaste is the strangest thing EVER

Pamela's Products GF bread mix is heaven sent!! I made it in my bread machine today, Oh Pamela, I love thee!

Glutino Flax bread, in the freezer at Hiller's - decent, like dry multigrain bread, good with a nice dollop of mayo, black pepper, turkey and an insane amount of lettuce. Would make a terrible PB &J tho

More to come, this scientist needs to go to bed, busy day in the lab tomorrow!

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