Sunday, October 26, 2008

How to Install a kitchen sink

How to Install a kitchen sink

Difficulty: 2-3 beers, one handy homeowner, and one future father-in-law

First: assess the situation

Sure, it doesn't look that bad at first. Then I'll explain to you that the little bowl is really really little, and also happens to be where the garbage disposal is. The faucet is ancient and difficult to maneuver and adjust. And, it is UGLY. Washing dishes sucked.

Besides, once I saw what I could have instead:

Isn't she pretty? Thank you very much generous people that came to our housewarming party! Your Lowes cards got put to quick use!

So now it is time to do battle. Turns out Sir Ugly Sink is cast iron. Heavy would be the word I would use. Larry and Dad had more choice vocabulary.
Dad appears to be field dressing the sink or something. It's dead man, let it go.

Now begins the fun part. It should have been easy, we bought the same size sink as was in there already. Should drop right in.
again I'll say it,

New beauty sink is much bigger
So now what do we do?

First get one of these guys; a handy homeowner

a few saws.
There was a lot of sawing involved. I'm still finding sawdust in my spice rack. I don't ask questions.

So now here is where we stand:
Did I forget to mention I'm also getting an under sink water filter?

There is my handy homeowner man putting it in right now.

So anyways, after much swearing and a leak that required a trip to the hardware store, here is what we have:
fodder for the scrap yard

a new water filter! No more brita pitcher! Aren't you all so jealous?

a beautiful new sink and faucet! She's so pretty it almost makes me want to do dishes.... almost.

And most importantly:
Happy homeowners!

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